The Ruhuhu license is located in south-west Tanzania and covers an area of 10,343 km2 . Jacka is the Operator and holds 100% of the petroleum exploration rights to the entire Ruhuhu Basin, a Karoo rift basin and a portion of the Lake Nyasa rift basin which is part of the East African rift system. Significant oil discoveries have been made in other East African rift basins in Uganda and Kenya.

As well as the conventional exploration potential associated with the younger, East African rift section, the older Ruhuhu Basin is known to contain significant thicknesses of Permian coals as well as organic-rich black shales. These coals and shales may represent an attractive unconventional target with the potential for large scale gas and associated liquids.


A comprehensive review of the license area's prospectivity was completed mid 2014 and is now being used to guide the forward exploration program. Preparations for a geological  field program began during the December 2014 quarter which included a number of remote sensing studies. Future work is expected to include airborne geophysical surveys and seismic prior to any drilling. The Company intents to farmout the Ruhuhu block prior to undertaking significant expenditure on these major geophysical programs and has engaged a US - based consultancy to assist with an ongoing active farmout campaign, targeting a wide range of international companies.